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Welcome to my blog!  Almost every session and wedding I shoot ends up here.  This is where you'll get to see the best images of the entire session or wedding day!  You'll also get to see a few personal posts of my own life and family.  I hope you enjoy browsing around!  :)

5 Tips For Choosing Engagement Session Outfits

One very commonly asked question is ‘What should I wear for my engagement photos?’.  I’m not a high fashion person by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d love to share what I’ve learned when it comes to dressing for the camera!  What you choose to wear will really make a difference in the outcome of your photos!  So I’ve come up with 5 tips to get you started.  These apply to both men and women!  😉

1.   Be yourself!

This is number one for a reason.  If you never wear heels, don’t wear heels!  If you love to dress up, dress up!  Your engagement photos should be a reflection of who you are.

2.   Dress for the season and location.

I’d like to think this one is pretty self explanatory…

3.   Wear complimenting colors, as opposed to matching colors.  

Those days of jeans and either white or black T’s are over people!  If you wear the exact same color, there’s no contrast and you begin to blend into each other.  Choose different colors, or different shades of a color that look great next to each other.  And consider the colors of your chosen location.  If you’re going to be photographed in the trees you may not want to wear green…  If you’re background is going to be fairly neutral, you may opt for a pop of color.  One more thing, be careful with black.  Some fabrics collect lint that will show up as white specks in photos.

4.   Patterns, shapes, layers, and accessories are a good thing!

There’s no reason to feel like you have to keep it simple!  Patterns add texture and visual interest, just try not to go overboard.  :p  Layers add depth and shape.  There’s nothing like a good blazer to give you a tiny waist!  I’m also a big fan a dresses and skirts that flare out a bit!  Love chunky necklaces or bracelets?  Do it!  For the men, vests, jackets, and watches are a great way to add more visual interest!   Bonus Tip: Take a look at your nails ladies!  You will see your hands in the photos.

5.   Plan 2 outfits!

This adds more variety to your session!  You can choose one casual outfit, and one dressy outfit, or whatever you like!  If you’re like me and get self conscious when it comes to photos, it’s nice to have two looks as well, in case you don’t end up liking one! :p

*Bonus Tip:  Ladies, consider having your hair trail done on the day of your engagement photos!  Also, wear a little more makeup then usual, as photos will wash it out a bit!  I’m a fan of fake lashes as well! 😉


Below, we have Lisa and David.  They pretty much nailed it.  Accessories, some pattern, complimenting colors, layers (his vest) and shape (her skirt)!  These outfits, like them, are full of personality, and work perfectly with the urban setting!

Eva and Rueben were photographed in a more rustic setting.  The cowgirl boots and jean jacket were perfect for this!  They both wore cool neutral colors, which looked great next to each other, while still allowing them to stand out from the background.

Alexis and Derek, below, had they’re session in the winter.  Her boots and sweater give a cozy and comfortable feel, which is great for hanging out in the snow!  Nice winter jackets that aren’t too bulky, with mittens and scarfs also look adorable for the colder days of winter!







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