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Welcome to my blog!  Almost every session and wedding I shoot ends up here.  This is where you'll get to see the best images of the entire session or wedding day!  You'll also get to see a few personal posts of my own life and family.  I hope you enjoy browsing around!  :)

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids |Day 4

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids | 20 Day Photography Bootcamp For Moms (or Dads) | Day 4

What is it?

Welcome to RKP’s ’20 Day Photography Bootcamp for Moms’!  What this is, is a 20 day blog series dedicated to teaching and challenging parents to take better photos of their kids!  You will learn some basic lighting skills, natural posing for various ages, some ideas for lifestyle photos, as well as some other basic photography tips that will help bring your pictures up a notch!  The best part?  ANYONE can participate!  Even if all you have is a cellphone!  (Some lighting lessons will be tricky with a cell phone since you can’t adjust settings.)  Each day I will share a tip or lesson with a photo challenge.  You can then share your results in the Facebook group ‘RKPs 20 Day Photography Bootcamp for Moms (or Dads)’, on instagram with the hashtag #rkpbootcamp, or keep them to yourselfs!  You can follow along day by day or take it at your own pace.  You can skip days as well.  There’s no rules, it’s your life.  Haha.

*Note:  I won’t be covering editing but theres lots of free options out there if you want to play around with that on your own.  🙂  If you really want to go all out, I’m a big fan of Lightroom!

If you DO have a DSLR (aka “fancy”) camera, I highly recommend checking out my mini guide, Control Your Camera!


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Day 4 | Rule of Thirds

The Lesson:

The rule of thirds is a guideline for composing your image.  The idea is to have your subject at one of the four intersecting points, or at least one of the lines of the grid you see below.  Your camera may be capable of displaying this grid as you shoot!  So for this challenge, you might want to check your cameras manual to see how to do that, otherwise, just envision it as you shoot.  Composition is an important part of how you take or crop an image.  And the first step to great composition is mastering the rule of thirds.  By having important components of your image composed along these lines and points, as opposed to centred, the results are much more interesting!


*Assuming your subject is a person:  If they are looking to the right or left, make sure they are looking into the open space of the frame and not to the edge they are closest to.

*Try aligning your child’s body with a vertical line whist aligning their eyes with a horizontal line (most likely the top line).

*Once you’ve mastered the rule of thirds, break the rules strategically!  Photography is an art after all!


The Challenge:

Practice shooting using the rule of thirds and share your best image!

Here’s mine:

I’ve shared both a vertical and horizontal image as examples, both of which Charlie’s eyes are positioned in the top right point of the imaginary rule of thirds grid.

On That Note…

If you’re interested in booking a family session, click HERE!

Who is Robin K Photography?

I’m Robin, a wife and mom who specializes in wedding photography in the Barrhead and Edmonton area.

As a mom, I have a soft spot for photos of children and decided to do a blog series to help other moms take better photos of their own kids.

I hope you enjoy this blog series!

Are you engaged?  

If you’re recently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you!  My style is fun, natural, and bright as you can see in my portfolio HERE.  Get in CONTACT for more information! 🙂






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