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Welcome to my blog!  Almost every session and wedding I shoot ends up here.  This is where you'll get to see the best images of the entire session or wedding day!  You'll also get to see a few personal posts of my own life and family.  I hope you enjoy browsing around!  :)

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids | Day 2

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids | 20 Day Photography Bootcamp For Moms (or Dads) | Day 2

What is it?

Welcome to RKP’s ’20 Day Photography Bootcamp for Moms’!  What this is, is a 20 day blog series dedicated to teaching and challenging parents to take better photos of their kids!  You will learn some basic lighting skills, natural posing for various ages, some ideas for lifestyle photos, as well as some other basic photography tips that will help bring your pictures up a notch!  The best part?  ANYONE can participate!  Even if all you have is a cellphone!  (Some lighting lessons will be tricky with a cell phone since you can’t adjust settings.)  Each day I will share a tip or lesson with a photo challenge.  You can then share your results in the Facebook group ‘RKPs 20 Day Photography Bootcamp for Moms (or Dads)’, on instagram with the hashtag #rkpbootcamp, or keep them to yourselfs!  You can follow along day by day or take it at your own pace.  You can skip days as well.  There’s no rules, it’s your life.  Haha.

*Note:  I won’t be covering editing but theres lots of free options out there if you want to play around with that on your own.  🙂  If you really want to go all out, I’m a big fan of Lightroom!

If you DO have a DSLR (aka “fancy”) camera, I highly recommend checking out my mini guide, Control Your Camera!


In case you missed it…

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids | Intro

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids | Day 1

Day 2 | Posing

The Lesson:

Depending on the age of your kid(s), posing can be very tricky!  So I’m going to break this up into three age categories: Babies (not yet walking), Toddlers (they run the show), and Kids-Who-Might-Sort-Of-Pose-How-You-Ask-Them-To…  These poses aren’t complicated as I believe they should look as natural and real as possible.

Babies.  When I used to photograph a lot of babies, I did so according to their milestones.  If you have a newborn, lay him or her on their back somewhere that they’re comfortable, such as on a bed, in their crib, or on any piece of furniture really as long they’re safe, and photograph them from lots of different angles.  (Nice light doesn’t hurt either!  >  See Day 1. ) If you’re baby is around 4 months old, they may be loving tummy time!  Get down low on their level and capture that little munchkin that’s getting stronger every day!  If your baby is closer to 8 months and is sitting up on their own, take lots of pictures!  Like, so many pictures!  This was my favourite time to take baby pictures because they just sit there and smile at you.  Their personalities are really showing by now and making them laugh for the camera usually isn’t too hard, AND they’re not quite running away yet!  There’s one more milestone I like to capture before babies become toddlers and thats when they can stand while hanging onto something, but aren’t quite walking or are just beginning to walk.  So think about standing your little one next to a cool chair you have in your house, or an upside down basket or bucket, or something he or she can balance on, that adds to the photo.

Toddlers.  Let’s be real.  There’s no such thing as “posing” a toddler.  The best thing to do at this age is to give them something to do and take candid photos!  Or just follow them around the house with your camera (I’ve definitely done that).  I’ll cover some ideas for photoshoots right in your home in later posts!

Kids.  If your child is willing to listen and follow a bit of posing instruction, here are a few ideas you can try.  For girls, have them hold or twirl their dresses.  Have them face away from you and then look back at you over their shoulder.  Have them put their hands on their knees or hips.  Or have them sit with their feet tucked to one side.  Boys look great with their hands in their pockets or with their arms crossed.  Also try getting them to sit with their knees bent, leaning over them with their elbows. While standing, have them lean back against the wall.

The Challenge:

To keep a bit of a theme, find some open wall space in your home to photograph your kidlets.  Add a chair or pillow or other prop if needed, but keep it simple and focus on the pose.

If you have a baby, photograph them in the pose that tells the story of what milestone they’re nearest to.

If you have a toddler, try sitting him or her in a chair or maybe they’ll stand still for a moment if you hand them their favourite teddy bear.  😉  Then just let them be them while you click away!

If you have an older child, try one of the poses above.

Here’s mine:

I’ve got the impossible-to-pose toddler, so I plopped him on a chair (a few times) and let him be.  Toddlers love to climb things so even if they don’t sit still, actions shots can still look great!  I love the pose Charlie gave me here!

On That Note…

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Who is Robin K Photography?

I’m Robin, a wife and mom who specializes in wedding photography in the Barrhead and Edmonton area.

As a mom, I have a soft spot for photos of children and decided to do a blog series to help other moms take better photos of their own kids.

I hope you enjoy this blog series!

Are you engaged?  

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