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Welcome to my blog!  Almost every session and wedding I shoot ends up here.  This is where you'll get to see the best images of the entire session or wedding day!  You'll also get to see a few personal posts of my own life and family.  I hope you enjoy browsing around!  :)

Baking Cookies | Lifestyle Photography | Featuring Charlie

Baking Cookies | Lifestyle Photography | Featuring Charlie

This morning, I decided to let Charlie assist me in making some healthy cookies.  And I also wanted to do a fun new photo shoot I haven’t done before haha!  He definitely enjoyed making them, and dipping them in his milk, but somehow he knew they were healthy and in the end, not a single bite was taken…   Oh well, more cookies for me!

If you’re curious, I used mashed bananas and oats as the main ingredients, then added organic peanut butter, honey, and cocoa.  (And I never measure anything with these.)  I love them for a quick snack!

So first, I let Charlie add the oats.  I thought he’d just pour them in the bowl, but he figured one handful at a time was the way to go!

I guess he thought they would taste good as is?

Throwing stuff is sooo fun!

He looks crazy here!!

The inevitable mess… Annnd “maybe these will taste better if I drink them!”

I added the other ingredients myself then brought him back to help stir.  😉

“Mmmm… wait, where’s the sugar mom?”

Stirring is fun!

“Ohhh I see how this works… let me try… biiig scoop!”  (I can’t be the only person who narrates their babies thoughts on a regular basis…?)

The cookie dance?

“I’m just gonna hang out here until they’re done, are they done yet?”

The look in his eyes is priceless!  You’d think he was ready to devour these things!

Time for a snack!

He enjoyed “dip dip dip”ing his cookie in the milk… but then he’d put it down and eat his orange instead.

He ate his orange, then went to play and the cookie still sits uneaten…

**Update:  He likes the cookies now!  Haha.**

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